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AdMerk Finance and Economy est une société de financement sans succursales et de services financiers privés au service des commerçants et des personnes non bancarisées.

AdMerk propose des prêts aux commerçants existants des marchés émergents qui sont exclus des systèmes bancaires. En fournissant des prêts garantis aux commerçants existants qui déposent des fonds auprès d'Admerk Economy, nous pouvons atténuer notre risque et maintenir le pourcentage de nos créances irrécouvrables au minimum absolu.

Nous avons établi un partenariat stratégique avec le paiement mobile appelé MonCash appartenant à la société de téléphonie cellulaire Digicel en Haïti.

À propos de Digicel

Lancé en Jamaïque en 2001, Digicel est désormais actif sur 32 marchés des Caraïbes, d'Amérique centrale et d'Asie-Pacifique. La base totale de clients mobiles de Digicel Haïti est désormais de 4,5 millions.

À propos de MonCash

MonCash est un service de gestion de l'argent qui permet aux clients enregistrés d'effectuer des transactions financières depuis leur téléphone mobile. Digicel Haïti propose ce service en partenariat avec la Sogebank d'Haïti. MonCash propose des transactions financières via des paiements P2P, des paiements marchands et des paiements de factures.

À propos de Sogebank

Sogebank, officially known as Société Générale Haïtienne de Banque, SA, is one of Haiti's three largest commercial banks. It was formed on April 26, 1986, when the Royal Bank of Canada sold its Haiti-based operations to a group of Haitian investors.

🏦 AdMerk Micro Finance & Economics

Many traders in emerging markets are forced to save money at home because they don't have a bank account. As a result, these traders do not have access to banking institutions to borrow money for their small business.

Faced with these problems, AdMerk offers 2 services:

1. AdMerk Finance
2. AdMerk Economy

1. AdMerk Finance

AdMerk Finance invites all traders interested in financing their business to take out a small secured business loan for their business:

1. The interest rate is very affordable
2. Easy repayment terms
3. You need to deposit funds first on the Admerk Economy account to be able to borrow money.
10,000 gourdes in Haiti and 60,000 FCFA maximum loan for all new customers to establish their credit history with AdMerk Finance.

Merchants can apply for a loan and see if they are eligible by going online and following this link: and submitting the application electronically. They need their card

In addition to that, you need to know more.

AdMerk Economy

Instead of hiding money at home, traders can deposit their money into AdMerk Economy as follows:

1. 3 months at an interest rate of 15%. Example: $ 100 * 15% = $ 15 + $ 100 = $ 115
2. 6 months at 20% interest rate. Example: $ 100 * 20% = $ 20 + $ 100 = $ 120 3.9
months at 25% interest rate. Example: 100 USD * 25% = 25 USD + 100 USD = 125 USD

How AdMerk Economy works in Haiti:

1. Deposit the amount of your choice via MonCash on the AdMerk Economy account

2. The minimum deposit period is 3.6 and 9 months

3. AdMerk will pay you 15% interest / 3 months; 20% interest / 6 months; 25% interest / 9 months.

4. At 2 months and 28 days; we will inform you that the entire deposit will be available for withdrawal over the 3 months.

5. 5 months and 28 days; we will inform you that the entire deposit will be available for withdrawal on the 6th month.

6. 8 months and 28 days; we will inform you that the entire deposit will be available for withdrawal on the 9th month.

7. You are free to withdraw 100% of your deposit at any time after 3, 6 and 9 months depending on the option you have chosen.

8. If you decide to leave your deposit or make a partial withdrawal, your money will NEVER be touched by AdMerk.

Loan rate and payment terms

1. 21 day loan at 1.75%

2. 30 day loan at 2.5%

3. 60 day loan at 2.80%

4. 90 day loan at 3.5%

Thank you for your partnership with this social enterprise from AdMerk.

Sincerely, Pierre Richard Augustin, MPA, MBA,

President and CEO

Mobile phone AdMerk and WhatsApp: 617-202-8069, Email:


 Executive team

1. Pierre Richard Augustin, MPA, MBA

2. Briget Ngampa, Vice- Chairman


1. Board of Directors: Michael Obiahu Chumekwua, MBA

2. Advisory Board

3. International Accounting

Firm 4. International Law Firm

5. United States Brokerage Firm : TD Ameritrade Financial Services

Pierre Richard AUGUSTIN, President and CEO, AdMerk Corp. Inc., 20 F Street N.W. 7th Fl, Washington DC 20001 USA

"Be Sure To Drink Responsibly". All purchasers in all 50 States of the USA must be 21 or older with valid identification.
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