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First-Ever American 888 Lucky IPA Craft Beers Tours of Tianjin, China

Please Contribute to First-Ever American 888 Craft Beers Tours of 9 Cities in China, learn more

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The intent of this First-ever American Craft Beer Cultural Tours of Tianjin, China is:

1. to foster cultural exchange cooperation of USA and China
2. to broaden the American 888 Lucky Craft Beer brand awareness
3. to offer FREE tasting experience directly to Chinese beers lovers
4. to offer FREE information session on Education, Tourism and Business Investment Opportunities in USA

The event will feature live or DJ of American great music, business networking, free tasting of our 888 Lucky Craft Beers and free information session on the following topics:

1. How to choose a top College or a University in the USA?
2. How to prepare for the SAT exam?
3. Tourism information on  USA
4. Real Estate & Business Investments Opportunities in the USA

China Cultural Events Overview:
Date: To be determined
Time: To be determined
Expected Attendance: 1000+

Pierre Richard AUGUSTIN, President and CEO, AdMerk Corp. Inc., 20 F Street N.W. 7th Fl, Washington DC 20001 USA

"Be Sure To Drink Responsibly". All purchasers in all 50 States of the USA must be 21 or older with valid identification in order to sign and receive the alcohol goods at the time of delivery by FEDEX.
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