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1. Challenges -Mobile Devices Are Now Center Stage in Both Civil and Criminal Cases

Today, evidence is likely to be found on users of smart phone devices, which preserve copies of texts, social media interactions, emails and passwords that users may have intentionally deleted. 

To do a forensic evaluation, the phone must be in your name. 

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 In civil proceedings, the assumptions are that the employers, spouses and parents are able to investigate their own equipment without a warrant, so long as the privacy and human rights of employees are observed by the company.

For phone records of a suspected cheating spouse, dishonest teenager or untrustworthy employee, our mobile forensics and data recovery experts can retrieves dialed and received calls as well as deleted information such as text messages, emails, social media interactions and call logs. 

When a cell phone is obtained as part of a criminal investigation, our mobile forensics and data recovery experts are able to learn significant amount of information about the suspect and gain access to important evidence stored on a smart phone that can be relevant to your case.

This is why forensics is a popular choice for spouses, employers and parents.

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2. Solution - How We Can Help You!
Our Mobile Forensics and Data Recovery Experts can assist Law Enforcement, Attorneys, Prosecutors, Defenders and Companies to uncover valuable information as evidence that may help you win or defend any type of civil and criminal case including:

1. Drug dealing cases
2. Sexual harassment issues
3. Lawsuits from disgruntled ex-employees
4. Internet abuse by employees
5. Stolen customer information
6. Theft of intellectual property or trade secrets
7. Stock manipulation or corporate value cases
8. Possession of child pornography
9. Capital murder cases
10. Infidelity
11. Criminal Defense
12. Divorce
13. Wrongful Death (texting while driving)
14. Corporate fraud
15. Embezzlement
16. Child Endangerment
17. Child Custody
18. Missing Persons
19. Intellectual Property Theft
20. Theft of Products
21. Personal Injury/Workman’s Comp
22. Recovery of Lost Data
23. Violation of Company Policy and Procedures

Once the sweep is complete, the lawyers will pick through the copied set of phone files in search of a bombshell. We also keep chain of custody reports while performing our services.

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3. What Data Can Be Recovered From an iPhone or Android Cell Phones?
What most people don’t know is that when you delete information off your phone or undergo a factory reset, the data itself is not being deleted, it still remains in areas of the flash chip called solid state memory.

Factory resets only destroy the paths to the data. Our Mobile Forensics and Data Recovery Experts can retrieve data such as:

1. Corporate and Personal Email and Web-mail
2. Deleted Text and MMS Messages
3. Geolocation data and GPS history
4. Documents and files copied from computers
5. Internet History and Social Media
6. Call Logs and Contacts
7. Data from 3rd Party Applications such as banking transactions
8. Calendar Entries
9. “To-Do” lists and other tasks
10. Images and Videos (including time stamps and location data) 

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AdMerk Corp. Inc. is a licensed and bonded Private Investigations Firm (PDB3554) specializing in Mobile Forensics and Data Recovery Services, 20 F Street N.W. 7th Floor, Washington, DC 20001


4. Case Study - Mobile Phones Forensics and Child Custody Battle

Mobile phone forensics comes into play in many different instances – to prove innocence or guilt.  A police officer and his wife in Iowa were divorcing and both wanted custody of their two children. The wife accused the officer of harassing her by sending threatening text messages. He was on the verge of losing any custodial rights as well as his job.  Proving no harassing activity on his phone was moot in this situation because it could be alleged that he was using prepaid phones, not his, for the messages.

In using cell phone forensics, the examiners were able to identify the source of the calls & requested the records data for those phones from the service providers. At that point, they mapped the cellular location evidence and, using cell tower location and cell tower triangulation determined the officer could not have made the calls in question.

Because the location of his patrol car is recorded, it was determined that he was not at the same location where the threatening messages originated. That excluded the officer as the initiator of the calls. But the calls continued.  One of the phones was found in the bushes in front of the officer’s home. He had no explanation.

The person originating the calls was uncovered when the wife called in to the police station to report a threat ON ONE OF THE PHONES USED TO ORIGINATE THE THREATS! In the end, it was discovered she had nine or 10 different prepaid and throw-away phones and was using them to send herself the threats.  She got confused and tripped up her own plan – much to the officer’s benefit.



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I have worked in Harm's way in 1st line of Defense against Terrorists & Active Shooters in Protecting Federal Employees & Facilities such as the U.S. Custom and Border Patrol (CBP), US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), GSA Warehouse, Internal Revenue Services (IRS), United States Coast Guard HQ (USCG), Federal Protective Services Headquarters HQ (FPS), the Department of Transportation (DOT) and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in Virginia and Washington, D.C.

I have also served as a Sworn Special Police Officer for the Washington DC Metro Police Department.  
I had a vision and a desire to help others and launched AdMerk Corp. Inc. Investigations Services.

I hold a B.S. in Political Science at Salem State University, Salem, Massachusetts. Thereafter, in just 12-months, I earned a Master of Public Administration from the Institute of Public Service at Suffolk University, Boston, Massachusetts. 

A year later, while working full-time, I completed in 12-months a Master of Business Administration from the University of Massachusetts Lowell, Lowell, Massachusetts.

"Mr. Augustin...Your actions are that of a truly great American who still believes there is justice.  My older son was a lifetime law enforcement officer and in the military. My younger son was a firefighter/paramedic his entire career.  They both fervently believed in standing up for those who cannot defend or protect themselves. Were they here, they would be honored to know you. - Sincerely, Barbara”

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Thank you, Pierre Richard AUGUSTIN, MPA, MBA

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