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Open Letter to the President of Cameroon, the First Lady, the Great People of Cameroon and the Continent of Africa

Flag of Cameroon

The early history of Africa came before the four ancients recorded history of Indus, Mesopotamia, Egypt and China. 

The fossil record from Africa shows Homo sapiens living in southern and eastern Africa at least 100,000 and possibly 150,000 years ago. Around 40,000 years ago, their expansion out of Africa which launched the colonization of our planet by modern human-beings did not come about in 8 seconds, 8 minutes or 8 hours or 888.

According to DNA evidences and from documented slave trade as well as cultural retention in Haiti, my ancestors are found in Africa in modern day:



1. Angola

2. Benin

3. Burkina Faso

4. Cameroon

5. Chad

6. Congo (Congo-Brazzaville)

7. Equatorial Guinea

8. Gabon

9. Gambia

10. Ghana

11. Ivory Coast

12. Liberia

13. Mali

14. Mozambique

15. Namibia

16. Niger

17. Nigeria

18. Senegal

19. South Africa

20. Togo

21. Zaire (Democratic Republic of the Congo)


As an African descent whose ancestors were sold into slavery in the 18th and 19th centuries and were brought to Saint-Domingue or modern day Haiti to work on the plantations by the French, I am honored and excited to go back to the Mother Land of Africa to launch the first-ever American 888 Lucky IPA and 888 Pilsner Craft Beers Tours of 21 countries in Africa where the lineages of my ancestors have been identified.


Date of travel: To be determined

Location: To be determined


In retrospect, as a child growing up, I was always intrigued and fascinated by the Chinese culture and especially Kung Fu movies. Hence, in February of 2015, I visited the beautiful country of China and spent a month in Chongqing. It was a dream that materialized just like a movie. The Chinese people were very friendly, very hospitable and left a profound joy and admiration in my heart. 

After experiencing the social lifestyle and the tradition of cheers, "ganbei" or 干杯 in China, upon my return in the United States of America (USA), I was inspired to start a craft beer company from a recipe I developed as a homebrewer.

The style of beer that I developed is the American version of the British India Pale Ale or IPA. The IPA style is known for its strong hop character, dates to the 1800s and is the fastest-growing and best-selling style of craft beer in USA. 

In memory and in reciprocity of the warm and heartfelt welcome that I received from China, I would like to offer the following toasts:


I. First Toast or 干杯

Mr. President, First Lady and the Great People of Cameroon, please allow me to offer you an imaginary first toast or 干杯 of our 888 Lucky IPA and 888 Pilsner Craft Beers by raising my glass up but much lower than all of yours to show respect and wish you Luck, Wealth and Prosperity. 


II. Second Toast or 干杯

It will be a great honor to personally offer a second toast or 干杯 during my second visit to Cameroon to introduce the first-ever American 888 Lucky IPA and 888 Pilsner Craft Beers in Africa.


III. Third Toast or 干杯

I am offering a third toast to the Great People of Cameroon because I am certain that you will like, the 888 Lucky IPA named Best Tasting Beer in New York, USA and the 888 Pilsner whose recipe won Gold in Maryland, USA, which are Made in Washington DC USA by a descendant of your ancestors.

IV. Fourth Toast or 干杯 

According to a Chinese proverb: "Hearing a hundred times is not as good as seeing once."

I am excited and cannot wait to visit and see with my own eyes the countries of my ancestors, greet and meet many of my brothers and sisters from the Mother Land of Africa which will be far better than ten thousand words can ever express. 

Therefore, please allow me to offer you one last Toast or 干杯, I wish you once more, many years of Luck, Wealth and Prosperity or 888. Learn more at


Most Respectfully,

Pierre Richard Augustin, MPA, MBA

President and CEO, AdMerk Corp. Inc.


Cameroon: Beer Prices - Increases Take Effect With Misunderstandings

By Victorine Biy Nfor

While some bars are respecting the FCFA 75 increase per bottle, others have gone beyond, depending on the comfort they offer their customers.

Beer consumers in Cameroon have for some days now been spending more to obtain the same quantity, but this has in no way reduced their appetite for what many consider as a precious liquid. In accordance with the 2015 Finance Law, which increases the minimum discharge tax from 1 per cent to 2 per cent, beer parlours have stepped up the price per bottle so as to break-even. Sequel to the February 12, 2015 joint communiqué of the Ministries of Trade and Finance, prices of beer witnessed increases since February 16. However, brewery companies hold that the FCFA 75 is void of taxes. Hence, prices practised in beer parlours are far from what is required by government.

Cameroon Tribune observed on February 18, 2015 that the amount charged per bottle depends on the drinking spot. While some bars respect to the letter the amount of FCFA 75 added by government, some have stepped up by FCFA 100. Others are even charging more on the pretext that the comfort they offer customers needs to be compensated for by the sale of drinks. This is to obey the business rule of always seeking to maximise profits.

Accordingly, 65 centilitres of beer, which is supposed to witness a FCFA 75 increase, now costs an average FCFA 600 up from FCFA 500 per bottle. A crate is sold at FCFA 6,600; up from FCFA 5,400. A 33 centilitre-bottle in the same line is being sold at FCFA 37.5 increment. Brasseries du Cameroun has however published its new price list indicating increments of FCFA 100 on each of its big size beers, FCFA 50 for small sizes and FCFA 100 for mixed alcoholics. The argument stands that the prices proposed by government were void of taxes. The brewery company has taxed FCFA 9, FCFA 4.5 and FCFA 9 as minimum discharge tax for big size, small size and 50 centilitre Booster drinks respectively. An additional FCFA 16, FCFA 8 and FCFA 16 is for the value added tax for the same quantity of drinks. Guinness Cameroon's has not changed its wholesale prices and such readjustments will be made public, said Christian Pout, Corporate Relations Director, Diageo West and Central Africa. But retailers are already selling at the readjusted price.

To ease their work, some bar tenders now prefer round figures to avoid the headache of looking for change and the not-so-favourable clashes that go with looking for it. "How much is a bottle of big Guinness?" a customer quizzed and the response was quick. She answered that big-size Guinness now sells at FCFA 1,100, up from FCFA 1,000.

But when the customer questioned why the hike was FCFA 100 instead of FCFA 75 as required by government, the bar tender explained that their figures were rounded up. This, according to her, was to spare them the time of looking for change. But when another customer proposed an additional FCFA 75 to the old price, the response was negative. "We have set our prices at plus FCFA 100 and they are not subject to modification," the bar tender explained.

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